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If you’re interested in the question of where to spend the weekend in the Moscow region, look no further than the hotel Vdohnovenie in Klin, which is ready to offer the most diverse leisure options at any time. The name speaks for itself: we give inspiration for outdoor recreation with great comfort. At your service are comfortable rooms equipped with all necessary amenities, parking, laundry, Wi-Fi, gazebo for relaxation, BBQ.


The Hotel in Klin is ready to offer a variety of services for any type of pastime: outdoor activities, holidays with family and children, corporate holidays. For active leisure at any time of the year various sports equipment is available: skates, skis, sleds, bicycles. For anglers, there is a rental of fishing gear. Avid anglers in Klin have something to see and things to do.

Now there is no need to look for where to go to relax for lovers of Russian bath. We have a whole bath complex equipped with a steam room, swimming pool, water slide, rest room. Choose steam to taste: dry or wet, in any case, it will give you health, because it is formed with the help of jade, known for its healing properties. The pool is equipped with a countercurrent device, which will allow both to train your body and enjoy the hydro massage. The waterslide will appeal not only to children, but also to adults.

In Klin, at weekends, you can have fun having booked excursions to local attractions or by ordering flights over the city. Flights are carried out on a paraglider, a plane or an aerostat. You can choose the theme of the excursion to your liking:

  • tour of Orthodox monuments;
  • abandoned homesteads, house museums;
  • toor for beer lovers;
  • industrial enterprises;
  • eco-excursions.

You will have the opportunity not only to relax. Not far from Klin, in the village of Selinskoe, there is a unique temple with an ancient history, on the territory of which important church ceremonies are held, including wedding ceremonies and baptisms. For major holidays in the Preobrazhenskoye Church religious processions are also held.

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The best part is that a problem of where to rest affordably in Klinу will not disturb you either. Since our prices are the most democratic. The variety of services offered, high level of comfort and service are offered in Klin!

Now you know where to spend your weekend in the Moscow region, both your soul and your body will enjoy your stay in our hotel. Despite the fact that the hotel Vdohnovenie (Klin) is relatively close to Moscow, there is no urban fuss, no noise, and the countryside will fill you with energy, health, good mood for a long time. Stay in our hotel and you will want to visit again this wonderful place with the picturesque, pacifying beauty of nature again.

141601 МО городской округ Клин с. Селинское ул.Преображенская стр 2
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